Autism Sunday, also known as the International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, is observed annually on the second Sunday of February.

Autism Sunday was first held in 2002 during Autism Awareness Year (also an idea shared by Ivan and Charika Corea) in the United Kingdom. Autism Awareness Year was supported by 800 UK organisations. It was the first ever occasion of partnership working on Autism on such a large scale.

Autism Sunday was initiated by parents Ivan and Charika Corea parents and carers of Charin Corea who was diagnosed with autism in 1998. They have been lobbying and campaigning on the serious issues concerned with autism and Asperger's Syndrome since 2000. They founded the Autism Awareness Campaign UK in 2000 and in 2008 they launched a new autism charity for a new generation, the UK Autism Foundation with a view to campaigning on behalf of the poor.

In 2002 a historic service for autism was held at St.Paul's Cathedral in London. What started as a small acorn of an idea hatched in their front room has turned into a massive worldwide event celebrated around the world. Autism Sunday is now a major disability event in the calendar.

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Autism Sunday was founded by parents and carers Ivan and Charika Corea in 2002 in the United Kingdom. It is now a massive worldwide event.
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