Prime Minister Gorden Brown   Prime Minister Gordon Brown has sent his warm personal wishes to mark Autism Sunday 2010. Britain’s Prime Minister has sent his good wishes for an enjoyable and successful occasion.
David Cameron   David Cameron backs Autism Sunday:
‘I would lke to express my support for Autism Sunday. As many as one in a hundred people could be affected by some form of autism, and it is important that we recognise and raise awareness of the difficulties and challenges that they can face.’
Ivan Corea and Sarah Brown   Sarah Brown wishes you well for the event, Autism Sunday…..
Camilla Duchess of Cornwall   Her Royal Highness, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall has sent her best wishes for Autism Sunday in the United Kingdom.
Cheryl Gillan   Cheryl Gillan MP the architect of the 2009 Autism Bill in the House of Commons has sent her best wishes for Autism Sunday. Cheryl Gillan MP said: ‘I am sure that this event will be a great success and will provide a great support to many people. I would like to send my very best wishes.
Dawn Primarolo   Dawn Primarolo, Minister of State for Children and Young People at the Department for Children, Schools & Families has sent her best wishes for an enjoyable event.
Angela Smith   The Minister of State of Her Majesty's Government, Angela Smith MP who is the Minister for Third Sector, has sent her good wishes for Autism Sunday 2010.

Minister Angela Smith said: 'I wish you well with this event and your continuing work.....'
Boris Johnson   The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has written to Co-Founder of Autism Sunday, Ivan Corea hoping that the event is a great success and enjoyed by all.
Simon Baron Cohen   The world renowned autism expert Professor Simon Baron Cohen of Cambridge University has written to the Co-Founders of Autism Sunday, British autism campaigners Ivan and Charika Corea.

Professor Simon Baron Cohen hopes that people will have an enjoyable day and that the London Service for Autism Sunday goes well.
Barones Sverma   The Baroness Sandip Verma of the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster, who is the Shadow Minister for Children, Schools and Families and also the opposition whip Universities,Innovation and Skills has sent her best wishes for Autism Sunday.
kingwood trust logo   Sue Osborn, Chief Executive of The Kingwood Trust has sent her best wishes for Autism Sunday. In her special message, Sue Osborn said:

‘Let’s change the future together – by coming together we can really make a difference’.
autistica logo   The CEO of the autism charity, Autistica UK, Hilary Gilfoy has sent her best wishes for Autism Sunday.

Hilary Gilfoy said: “On Autism Sunday churches around the globe play their part in not only raising awareness of autism and of the many millions of people affected, but also in calling for better health and educational services for this often unrecognised and neglected group.We support their call.”
Pope Benedict   The Vatican wrote to the Co-Founders of Autism Sunday, British campaigners Ivan and Charika Corea stating that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI invoked God's blessings, strength and peace on the Autism Community. He has also stated that he appreciates the concerns over autism.
st.pauls cathedral   The Bishop of London, Rt.Rev.Richard Chartres, on Autism Sunday:

The Bishop said: 'Autism Sunday is a way of raising awareness of the impact of the relational and communication difficulties with this condition. It is also an opportunity to consider what we can do to support families and ease the isolation of those who experience Autism and Asperger's Syndrome every day of their lives.'
Lord Carey   Message from Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury -
'I do hope you have a rewarding time...................'
Sir Cliff Richard   Message from the international pop legend, Sir Cliff Richard:

'We trust that the service is well attended again this year, and that the work of the UK Autism Foundation will continue to develop and to achieve its various goals.................'
Ed Balls   The Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls has written to Ivan Corea, Co-Founder of Autism Sunday wishing the very best for Autism Sunday. Ed Balls said he hopes it is a success.
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Autism Sunday was founded by parents and carers Ivan and Charika Corea in 2002 in the United Kingdom. It is now a massive worldwide event.
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