Annabelle Vickery writes a poem to mark Autism Sunday Fourteen year old Annabelle Vickery is a student from the UK. Annabelle has no personal connection with autism but she was moved to write this poem simply titled 'Autism Sunday' to mark this worldwide event after hearing and reading the stories coming from the world of autism. We re-produce Annabelle Vickery's poem 'Autism Sunday,' with the kind permission of her parents, Mr and Mrs Vickery from Great Britain.


He doesn't see the world
like you and me.
It's picture perfect blocks of colour,
the artist's palette of paint.

He doesn't understand the danger
of opening doors and scary roads,
How I fear he'll jump out in front
of a car, or get hit, feel pain.

Judgement and discrimination,
we feel this much too often.
Harsh words, hit lika punch,
hurt lke a slap, scar like a knife.

I remember that day-
whispered, mumbled words.
Only one word registered.

Life's not easy with an autistic son
or daughter like this.
It's more than the average 24/7
so much work and love to give.
But it's worth it when
I watch him smile

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Autism Sunday was founded by parents and carers Ivan and Charika Corea in 2002 in the United Kingdom. It is now a massive worldwide event.
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